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An affordable honeymoon is unique to each couple and you can enjoy the perfect honeymoon vacation without busting your pockets. It depends on how much you have in your honeymoon budget. All inclusive vacations often allow you to decide exactly how much you will spend before going, since drink and foods are included. This can help you not worry about ordering a steak at dinner and you can stay within your budget.

These are the things you should remember when you are planning for your honeymoon. Always remember that there are quite a lot of destination choices to spend a romantic honeymoon. All you need to do is look for it. By the way, remember that the first step is to put together a realistic budget that both of you can live with comfortably and figure out just how much you can afford to spend.

Book your reservations early.
Many people make a fault of booking their accommodations when they arrive at their destination. You have to expect that most resorts will be fully booked, especially during tourist season and in the summer months. Furthermore, when booking your accommodation, try to book it online. You will see that there will be discounts for online booking and you can also have a lot more choices of accommodations. This means that you can still experience luxury accommodations at cheaper rates when you book online.

Think of a honeymoon destination that nearer.
Of course, you still have to go on a honeymoon in a romantic vacation. First of all, try and think of a honeymoon destination that is nearer. This can cut the cost and will be as romantic as any kind of honeymoon. If you live in California and you had your wedding there, you can try and consider Hawaii as your honeymoon vacation rather than go to the Caribbean which is much farther and will cost much more expensive.

When you need to fly to go to your destination, you should consider getting an economy seat in the flight. Besides, when you reach your destination, you can relax all you want and with the economy seat in the plane instead of the first class seat, you can be sure that you will save hundreds of dollars for you and your new spouse's plane tickets.

Get familiar with off-peak seasons and the perfect times to visit places.
If you are planning a January wedding, it is also the perfect time to go visiting New York, San Francisco and Washington. February is the cheapest time to go honeymooning in Celtic Ireland, the snow-capped mountains of Netherlands and Dallas. March is perfect for honeymoons in Los Angeles; go sight-seeing in Italy and Spain, while April is perfect for a Caribbean honeymoon in Jamaica.

Hawaii is cheapest on May while June brides can always choose to go to Phoenix and Albuquerque for some Mexican exploration. July offers at best at Tucson and Memphis, while a honeymoon in August is perfect at Las Vegas. September is the perfect time to go abroad and explore Asian culture in Japan. In October, you can head off to Costa Rica and in November, go kayaking at Lake Tahoe or enjoy the flavor of Dominican Republic. December brides can go to sunny, tropical, Mediterranean Greece.

When people start to think about cruising for a honeymoon, there is always the misconception that this type of honeymoon is very expensive. It’s true for some years ago because cruising was considered a luxury type of travel, but nowadays with the birth of competition, the prices have lowered down and it is possible to find affordable honeymoon cruises.

If you want to experience a grand honeymoon, you can try booking for a cruise. Cruise ship companies have designed some affordable honeymoon trips as well, featuring the relaxing lifestyle of a cruise as a great way to start life together. There are cruise liners existing today that offer great packages for honeymoon vacationers. Some even offers two cruise tickets for the price of one as a package for honeymoon vacationers. With cruise ships, everything is included, such as luxurious honeymoon suite, food and even great romantic activities that you and your new spouse can do.

The wide range of cruise options makes this choice quite popular. Cruise liners also offer great quality luxurious accommodations that you and your new spouse can definitely enjoy. The foods are also considered to be the best at cruise liners and the daytime and nighttime activities are endless. Activities, such as scuba diving, kayaking and even guided tours at port of calls are offered in cruises. Nighttime activities will include great shows and parties.

Getting away on a cruise, during which all amenities are provided and included, is an excellent way to leave work schedules and the stress of wedding plans behind. The wide range of cruise options makes this choice quite popular. Couples can choose to spend their honeymoon in such wonderful locations as Alaska, the Caribbean or Europe. The options include everything from simply relaxing on deck in the sun to entertainment and dancing in the clubs and theatres on board. Of course, the best part of all this is that cruise packages are available in nearly every price range, with options for smaller cabins a great way to limit the expense.

As you can see, honeymoon vacations don't need to be expensive. All you need to do is shop around for a honeymoon package that offers great package deals. You can be sure that you can spend your honeymoon vacation at a lower cost but the same romantic experience that you always wanted.

Top-Honeymoon-Vacation Top-Honeymoon-Vacation Top-Honeymoon-Vacation Top-Honeymoon-Vacation


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