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Cheap Hotel Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands is a refreshing retreat to Malaysia’s premier hill resort, famous for its rolling tea plantations and vegetable farms. Nestling at 1524 metres above sea level in the North West corner of Pahang, the resort is accessible from Kuala Lumpur via the town of Tapah.

Main attractions of Cameron Highlands include strawberry farms, terraced fruit and vegetable farms, tea plantations and rose garden. Cameron Highlands is the place to buy fresh, cheap fruits and vegetables. There are jungle trails for leisurely walks or strenuous mountain expeditions which can be potentially dangerous as it is easy to get lost of forest canopy.

Weather & Climate

The weather in Cameron Highlands is temperate cool all year round. The temperature here ranges from a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius. Rain is common throughout the year although the monsoon season is from November to February. The dry season is from February until April. The coldest time of the year is between Decembers -February where the temperature can drop to 10 degrees Celsius at certain places.

Food Guide

There is no shortage of places to eat in Cameron Highlands when it comes to food. At night (especially during weekends & holidays) restaurants are packed since there's very little to do after the sun goes down.

You can get everything from Western, Chinese, Indian and Malay food to Thai and Japanese food here. Most restaurants are located in Tanah Rata and Brinchang however you could also find some good restaurants in Tringkap and Kampung Raja where the locals usually dine.

There is no food which is unique to Cameron Highlands however dining out here can be a great experience especially with to the cold weather and freshness of the greens. The favorites are:

Steamboat Dinner
Having steamboat for dinner on a cold highlands night is something you should never miss. There are a lot of restaurants in Tanah Rata and Brinchang which offers this treat.

Tea & Scones
This English tradition is still alive and popular here in Cameron Highlands. Locally grown tea and freshly baked scones is a must try on your trip to Cameron Highlands. Although it is available in a lot of places around Cameron Highlands, only a few places serve really good scones.

Places to visit :

Strawberry farm
Flower nurseries
Tea plantation
Butterfly garden

Strawberry Farm

Tea plantation

Flower Nurseries

The main tourist market is located around Kea Farm but you can also find many of them all along the main road from Ringlet to Kg.Raja.

On Saturday nights, the weekly night market comes to live in Brinchang. This is where you can find all the produce of Cameron Highlands being sold under the stars. You can get everything cheap here if you know how to bargain.

In the recent years, there have been "all-in-one" type of markets where you can find small flower nursery, a strawberry garden, vegetable garden, souvenirs and other Cameron Highlands produce all in one location.

Multicrops Central Market
Located along the main road if you are heading north from Brinchang. You can get everything here from potted plants, forest flowers, cactus, strawberries, vegetables, tea and other Cameron Highlands produce. A small coffee shop and cartoon strawberry garden can also be found here.


Although, there are a few budget hotels and resorts for budget travelers that come to visit Cameron Highlands. All listed hotels below are located around Cameron Highlands.

1) CASA de la ROSA

You can also get more information about Cameron Highlands from website. Type your question in Google search. You will get lot of websites. Staying in budget hotels and resorts in Cameron Highlands can also be a great fun, if you choose the right accommodation option for yourself. Plan your vacations well and have great fun.

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BUDGET HOTELS AND RESORTS - Cheap Hotel Cameron Highlands; Cameron Highlands Budget Hotel; Honeymoon in Cameron Highlands

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