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By Cindy Eliza Vaz

Have you ever been to a hotel that reminds you of one straight out of the movies? I am not talking about one like the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel nor one like the Regent Beverly Wilshire; both of which was featured in one of my all time favourite movie - Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. My question is: why look that far, when we have one right here - in the Pearl of the Orient.

If you are a fan of Raffles Hotel, Singapore, you would also love the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, which is, the main highlight of my blog post today. The Eastern & Oriental Hotel was established in 1855 by the Sarkies Brothers. This colonial-style hotel in Penang, is a sea-fronting hotel and is known for its luxurious accommodation and restaurants.

So on my 23rd birthday last December, I had the luxury of staying in Eastern & Oriental for 2 days 1 night. Frankly speaking, when i was told by my partner that we will be celebrating my birthday in Penang, I was not overtly enthusiastic. I mean, seriously? Penang?

I did not had to worry for long, for as soon as I entered the front lobby of the hotel, my mouth was literally gawking in a capital O shape. I have 3 words to describe my first impression of the hotel:- Posh, Classy and Quaint!

Upon arrival, we were immediately ushered in to the Lobby area for registration. Welcome drinks and cold towels were served by courteous butlers. Ahhh... talking about freshening up after a gruelling 3.5 hours drive! Eastern & Oriental had my applause then and there for their outstanding customer services. If you think that is all to it, hold your horses..
After checking in, we were told that we would get our own personal butler for the duration of our stay. Imagine my excitement! Hunky butler donning on an apron, serving yours truly.. (Dreamy eyes here already). Alas, our butler was a female named Winnie! There goes my hope of an ogle-worthy butler and needless to say, my partner had a good laugh about it.
We were given a suite called the Georgetown Suite. Really cosy interior that reminds me of those houses we usually see in an American / British film. With a huge bedroom, huge lounge and an even larger bathroom (large enough to accommodate more than 20 people!), i was literally roaming the whole suite like a kid in a candy store.
After all the excitement died down, we decided to take a quick shower and head for dinner at Sarkies Corner. There was a large number of crowd and we had difficulties locating a table for ourselves. Only then were we told that every Friday, Sarkies Corner serve Dinner buffet for RM120.00 per pax and this includes a free-flow of wine and beer! How awesome is that? The dinner buffet consists of a fusion between Thai, Chinese and Western and there is a whole row of delicious looking cupcakes and desserts. I have to say though, the Thai food was great but the Chinese and Western food were just mediocre. Perhaps, the redeeming grace would be the talented singing quartet performing at the restaurant. Comprising of 3 extremely talented Uncles, their version of Christmas carols and some old school rock and oldies were a delight to the ears. Not mentioning the incredible voice! So summing up dinner at Sarkies Corner, I would say RM120.00 per pax was a little bit pricey for the food served.
After dinner, we decided to take a walk around the hotel, since it's a sea-front hotel. It was our luck that it was drizzling slightly and it was also pretty cloudy for us to enjoy the view. So we decided to chill and relax by the bar. Guinness were pretty fresh from tab, although not the best I have tasted
For night-life lovers, there is a whole row of clubs just right opposite the hotel. My personal favourite would be the Slippery Senorita, for that was where I had my very first taste of Flaming Lambhorgini (Which I shall not elaborate further).
There were food stalls everywhere, and I think that it is a perfect place for people who enjoys a little bit of people buzz. Its that - filled with people and crowd. So if you ask me, do I think paying RM600++ for a suite in Eastern & Oriental Hotel is too costly? I would say, every once n a while, it feels nice to splurge and pamper yourself. It was, after all, my birthday!
Cindy Eliza Vaz is a regular Working woman and a legal student, completing her final year under the University of London LLB program before furthering her Masters in Medical Law. Writing and Photography is her passion and she enjoy working with Kids and hope to travel around the world someday. More articles by this author can be found in her personal blog: http://travel-junkie.net - where she blogs about her Travel adventures and cultural experiences. You are free to re-publish the contents of this article but kindly credit the author with the original works.

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